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How to clean your glasses

Cleaning your glasses regularly can help you see clearly and keep them looking new and protect from scratches. While it may seem like any cloth and cleaner could clean your eyeglasses, it’s best to use an eyeglass cleaner and microfiber cloth specifically for eyewear.

using tissues or your shirt to clean spots off your eyeglasses actually makes micro-abrasions that lead to scratced looking glasses lenses.

                                       What Is The Right Way To Clean Your Eyeglasses?

  • Remove any dust or debris from your glasses

    This is an important step you should always take before wiping your eyeglasses with a cloth. To clean off any loose particles on your lenses, either rinse them under water or blow off your glasses before wiping.

  • Use warm water and soap

    When you have the time, using water and some soap is one of the best ways to clean the smudges and dust off your eyeglasses. Start by washing your hands to get them nice and clean. Then rinse your glasses lenses under running water to flush away any dust and debris. After that, apply a bit of dish soap to your lenses and clean your lenses by gently rubbing them between your thumb and index finger. To keep your lenses from getting streaks, make sure to dry them off with a microfiber cloth.

  • Eyeglasses cleaner and glasses wipes

    If you’re out and about, then running water and soap may not be too easy to come by. This is where a small bottle of eyeglass cleaning solution or prepackaged glasses wipes come in handy. These sprays and wipes have special formulas designed to clean off any oil and schmutz from your lenses without damaging their coatings. As always, make sure to use a microfiber cloth to clean the solution off your lenses to avoid scratches.

                                                                                                   IN-STORE EYEWEAR CLEANING AND ADJUSTMENTS

If you can’t remove the dirt and oil buildup yourself, bring your eyewear into a store for our free cleaning and adjustment service. Deep cleanings are our specialty, for a like-new clean. And those adjustments we mentioned? We provide them for the life of your glasses, for free, including loose screw checks, and nose pad replacements. .

Remember, you can always stop by your local Yosemite Eyewear for cleaning and adjustments, or to ask any eyewear care questions.

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